5 Essential Elements of a Comprehensive Brand Identity

    5 Essential Elements of a Comprehensive Brand Identity

    5 Essential Elements of a Comprehensive Brand Identity 1000 562 Tempest Executives

    Brand identity is one of the key factors of sales and marketing of the business. In this world where competition is increased and it takes people a lot of options to identify between and that is where brand identity could be proven effective in letting you lead in the game of winning customers. Brand identity is said to be the elements that make you identifiable in the market amongst the competitors and customers.

    Brand identity, however, is a narrow term yet it could be made as wide as you want it to and for the same reasons we have brought you the list of 5 elements that contributes to your brand identity.


    The first and utmost important element of brand identity is a logo. It is a small graphical image that represents your organization, business or brand. Logos are a blend of color, fonts, shapes, and icons. A logo can be posted and used anywhere from a marketing campaign to even packaging and brand of a business. A logo could have the greatest effect on making your brand to be identified. The greatest example of the same is Apple Inc. a small apple that is bitten can make you think about the company and in just a matter of seconds, it can make you identify the same. This is how powerful a custom logo design service is in making a comprehensive brand identity for you


    A Woodmark is somewhat like a logo but it only makes your name to be represented. A Woodmark can even be used as a logo. This makes the perfect depiction of your name and your name could then be used in branding and packaging. The perfect idea to get your name is recognized by the customers is through using a Woodmark.

    Key Colors

    Colors are not colors when it comes to branding and marketing, they become an identity. The red color is for Coca Cola or maybe the yellow is the identity for McDonald’s. A color shares the psychology of the brand or business along with being a reason for attraction. Select what you think suits your brand and it will work in creating an image of your brand in the minds of your customers.

    Typographic Faces

    Well, this is another element that can make you have the perfect contemplations on making you have that standardize representation. Although I have mentioned Coca Cola already in the colors section the perfect example of typographic representation is Coca Cola. We all have seen that and we all know how it works. This example exactly justifies how typography can become a reason for your brand identity.

    Brand identification is one of the ultimate tools of marketing but using these elements for brand identity can make it really worth for your branding and marketing. Each of these elements is not integral to the brand identity but their contribution to increasing brand identity. This brand identity can be used for purposes of marketing. It make you be remembered, it makes you be identified and recognized. This is how things can work out for making your customer base to be increased. A great marketer works on bringing the brand identity to have that one factor through which they can make the customers remember you.