What We Do

Like a Storm, We Have Energy and A Course of Action

Tempest provides clients with a tried and true face-to-face service through retail, events, and in-store promotions that generate results. Our goal is to become the go-to company for customer acquisition and brand representation. We do this by training and developing a team of individuals who are eager to growth and build long-term success.


Our partnerships with retail locations have produced high-volume sales and loyal customers.


We plan and conduct campaigns at marketing and promotional events throughout the year and the region.


Beyond direct sales, we have worked with local business to help them increase their brand awareness.


We create a pleasant customer experience and represent our products and services with integrity.

We work with multiple industries

Our unparalleled attention to detail and our adaptability have enabled us to work with any industry and provide the same level of results.


In a market with an array of consumer options, our face-to-face interactions help our clients be heard.


With the growing awareness on green energy, we strive to relay the value and
economical factors that our clients value.


We bring the highest quality in and industry that prides itself in its value and substance.